Alison Brown – Qualified Personal Image Consultant in Eastbourne

First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Alison Brown and my business is Aeracura Image.

I haven’t always been a stylist and personal image consultant. However, ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved fabric, colour and clothes and the way they make me feel.  Having been a founding senior manager at a well-known insurance company as well as sixteen years starting and running a highly successful business (the Natural Fitness Centre in Eastbourne) I founded Aeracura Image in 2012 and have never looked back.

From my private, light and airy studio in Eastbourne, I offer highly qualified, personalised style, colour and make-up advice. I can help you understand which shades of colour and which fabrics suit you best and how to choose clothing that flatters your figure.  Additionally, in the comfort and privacy of your own home I can help you de-tox your wardrobe and, to complement my other services, offer personal shopping trips for you to put my advice into practice.

Have you worn the same make-up colours for years? Most of us have, you know. As a qualified skin care and make-up consultant, my advice can inject that all-important new lease of life into your “look”, with luxury, natural and 100% vegan skin, make-up and hair care to bring out your natural beauty and make you glow.

What makes me different?

My clients tell me that they appreciate my gentle honesty, empathy and encouragement.  Above all, my role is simply to give you the permission you may need to embrace a subtle (or even a bold) new look.

I’ll recommend that you add certain pieces to your existing wardrobe rather than dispose of them (unless you want to) – and nothing is prescriptive.  Certainly, if you have a favourite pair of trousers or jumper – and we discover that they’re not necessarily your best colour – keep them.  Almost everyone has too much black.  In fact, black goes with black but it doesn’t suit us all.  In general, just a well-chosen accessory or two could make all the difference.

And, like you, I love “normal” shops – no need to worry about high-end, uncomfortable and unaffordable shopping trips.  Indeed, you may be surprised at the quality of clothing in today’s high street stores.

I would love to help you sparkle, please contact me today.

Alison Brown, stylist and personal image consultant, Eastbourne

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