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Style and Image Consultation in Eastbourne

Learn how you can look and feel fabulous every day! 

My style analysis and image consultancy services throughout Sussex are for women exactly like you. Ladies who may need a well-deserved boost following a change of career, retirement or a house move. Maybe you’ve gone through sad times and now it’s time to face the future with renewed optimism.

Positive change is good, it keeps us vibrant and alive, so why not consider a style consultation with Aeracura and embrace a fabulous new look? You deserve to feel great every day and I can help you to get there.

I’d also love to work with you if, for whatever reason, you’ve gained a few pounds recently and you just don’t feel at your best. No need: don’t put your life on hold until you’ve lost weight. I can help you to feel great now – right now, not in six months’ time. And, it doesn’t have to cost the earth either.

What’s Your Message to The World?

What impression would you like to give at a social occasion, in the office or simply out and about? What you wear communicates subtle messages to those around you. I can help you to develop your own, unique personal branding and it will be all about style and confidence.

As women, we have too many choices: trousers? A skirt or a dress? Jeans? And what do I wear to work these days? It really can be rather overwhelming.

How Does Style Analysis and Image Consultation Work?

Each session lasts around two and a half hours and can be in the privacy of your own home or at my private studio in Eastbourne. Select and/or bring a few outfits to show me what you love to wear, as well as those you’re not sure about. This helps me to understand you, your style personality and what you’re trying to achieve.

Are you an apple, pear, a rectangle – or have you simply no idea?!  No problem. We’ll review your body and face shape, your proportions and of course, your lifestyle. You’ll be able to enhance your best features. I’ll offer you some advice you can put into practice immediately. It’s about maximising your fabulousness and playing down anything you’re not so happy about.

I’ll treat you with the utmost respect (no hectoring going on here) and help you put together some of your existing pieces to create whole new outfits. Let’s look at the best way to wear accessories for that final touch, too.  The result? You. The same person, but feeling and looking great.

You’ll even take away your very own Personal Style Guide full of useful tips on de-cluttering your wardrobe and lots of great “how to” advice when you next hit the shops.

Why not take treat yourself to a complementary colour analysis, wardrobe detox or personal shopping trip. Now is the time for you and yes, you are worth it.

Book a consultation today – Feel confident every day!

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