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If you’re after new items to suit your new lifestyle, or looking for something special to wear to an event, I can help you. Perhaps you’ve got an interview coming up and you need an outfit that not only flatters your figure but also totally rocks the professional look. I can definitely help you.

I recall vividly the stress involved some years ago in finding a suitable outfit for my son’s wedding: I needed just the right thing that wasn’t going to over shadow the mother of the bride, not too formal, not too “mummy, or too sexy” and something that ultimately, was comfortable enough for me to forget about what I was wearing and concentrate on the happy couple! Phew. (I did find the perfect outfit. When we meet I’ll tell you about it)

As your image consultant, you may find that a personal shopping trip with me is the perfect complement to my wardrobe detox, or style and image consultation or colour analysis, although this can be a stand-alone service if required. I can help you to fill the gaps in your wardrobe or even create a whole new look.

Many women find that although they love shopping for clothes, they keep buying the same things. Is this you? Do you have 7 tops that look almost identical? Alternatively, you may dread the prospect of clothes shopping. Perhaps once again you’ve returned home empty-handed, overwhelmed by the enormous choice out there.

I can solve all these dilemmas for you.

How Does Personal Shopping Work?

We’ll assess your style, what you need, and of course, your budget.  I’ll research what’s out there, either on-line or in the shops themselves. If the latter, I will identify pieces for you to try on, focusing on fit, colour, quality and how they complement the other items in your wardrobe.

Off we go. We’ll treat ourselves to a coffee and review our plan of action! Bear in mind that I’m an independent consultant, so there’s no commission from any of the stores involved and of course, you’re not obliged to buy anything at all.

Aeracura Image. Personal shopping with a difference.

Great clothes don’t have to be expensive. It’s simply not true that you need to spend a fortune to look like a fortune. You don’t.
Our personal shopping trip reflects real life, real budgets and real women – just like you. Unless you specify otherwise, I can find some fabulous yet affordable outfits in stores that may surprise you.

If you’re on a weight-loss plan, the same applies. We’ll focus on items that are well within your means, encouraging you to look and feel at your best right now.

This is a flexible service, charged at a simple hourly rate. Save time, spend wisely and enjoy your clothes. Get a whole new look with Aeracura Image. Why not give me a call on 07956311759  and we’ll get started on the New You today.

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