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Your Colour Analysis Consultation in Eastbourne

If you’ve ever wondered what shades of colour suit you best, Aeracura’s colour analysis is for you.  Although you can wear almost any colour it’s the shade and tone of the colour that makes the difference. So yes, you can wear red, or pink, or even yellow – if you want to, that is.

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Alison says, “As a colour consultant I can see and understand how colour can have a profound affect on our lives. There is nowhere that colour does not exist and we are constantly under its influence, whether we are aware of it or not.”

What you can expect from your personal colour consultation?

As my client, you have a unique set of colour tones which make your skin look great, your hair lustrous and your eyes sparkle and shine. You simply may not know what those are yet. The right shades will help you face your busy day with confidence whatever you’re doing and whatever your life is throwing at you.

Your wardrobe will offer you choice, rather than stress you out.

What can I do for you? I can help you to establish what colours look great on you and how best to wear them. You’ll also find out which are your best neutral shades and how to put together wardrobe “staples” such as suits, jackets, and that all-important winter coat.

Colour Analysis from Aeracura

Your personal colour analysis takes place over two and a half hours in my light, airy and spacious studio overlooking the seafront in Eastbourne. This is a totally private and comfortable space so there’s no need to worry. There’s complimentary tea and coffee, too.

We’ll talk about you, your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and importantly, how you’d like to feel about yourself – your clothing personality, in other words. Perhaps your clothes no longer suit your changed lifestyle, for example. To make you feel extra special, I’ll treat you to a mini-facial with safe and natural products, after which I’ll assess your eye colour, eye pattern, hair colour and skin tone.

What’s next? The science bit of course: I’ll drape carefully selected, colour swatches over your shoulders to uncover your ‘season’. You’ll be delighted how when your perfect colour collection looks back at you in the mirror, your skin tone will look more even, any dark shadows or circles under your eyes will diminish and you’ll look fresh and energised. It really is magic.

Your Best Season

So, what are you? A fresh and vibrant Spring, a gentle Summer, a rich Autumn or a cool sparkling Winter? Once we’ve worked it out, I can start showing you how to put your seasonal palate together and how to make the best of the items that you already have, even if they not quite “right”. And yes, that includes black and how best to wear it if you’re not a Winter.

Your complimentary colour swatch fan from Aeracura will be your shopping best friend. Keep it in your bag when you venture forth to the shops.

Spring Colours

Summer Colours

Autumn Colours

Winter Colours

What is Colour Analysis?

People talk about having their “colours done”, but what does this mean? Surely everyone can wear every colour, and don’t we all look good in black? And white is just perfect for the summer, right?

Well, actually – no.

Simply put, colour analysis is an effective way of finding out which colours, or rather which shades of colour look best on you. We have three elements in our skin: haemoglobin, carotene and melanin and the tones which suit you best will be determined on your personal combination of all three.

I won’t get too technical about this but our dominant elements are either “warm” or “cool”, which are then defined by seasons, and then sometimes further within the season itself. I also take into consideration your eye colour and pattern.

Don’t try this at home, ladies, it’s almost impossible to work this out yourself. My colour analysis service is what you need. We’ll work together with colour swatches to establish not only your “season” but much else besides.


Bright, fresh and clear – a “warm” season. If you’re a Spring, wear the right colours and you’ll look sensational. Not for the faint-hearted, but you’ll look great in bright turquoise, camel, golden brown and peach tones, for example. Gold or gold-toned jewellery is for you. but black and white is no no. Try a warm navy or light brown instead.


Light, gentle and soft, a definite “cool” season. You’ll shine in mauves, powder blues, lavender, violets and pinks – shades with rose and blue undertones to complement your complexion and your hair. Silver-toned jewellery is for you but again, avoid black and white.


Think about the rich, muted and deep tones of the season itself: mustard yellow, deep, warm ochre, rich bottle greens. A definite “warm” season, you look great in gold and copper toned jewellery and accessories. Black and white, not so much. Ivory and deep chocolate brown are for you.


As a winter, you look GREAT in black and white, hurrah! – the only one of the four seasons that truly does. This is a cool season, so you’ll make an impact in siver-toned jewellery and accessories. Think: strong, cool and bright. Cobalt blue, icy pink and navy are good on you.

So, what are the benefits of colour analysis?

Rather a lot.

Wearing the right shade of colour can have a huge impact on how you look and feel. Your perfect colour makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. It even makes your hair tone look richer, it really does.

You’ll save money, too. Ever bought something that you almost never wear or, (horror of horrors) still has the label on? These are items that look out at you reproachfully from your wardrobe and make you feel bad. Why? Because, in all likelihood, the colour is wrong somehow and you just never wear it.

Imagine the sheer pleasure of knowing that every time you open your closet you’ll be able to co-ordinate all your clothes and accessories and that everything you wear suits you and makes you feel really good.

At last. Colour analysis from Aeracura. Save money, time and stress and enjoy your clothes. Give me a call on 07956 311 759 and live life in colour.

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