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Why not consider treating yourself to a whole, youthful new look ?

So, today you woke up, looked in the mirror and you realised that you’ve worn the same style and colours of make-up for quite a few years.  Now is the time for some hair, skin and make-up advice.

Perhaps you’ve never worn make up. Now may be the time to discover it.

Did you know that the formulations, pigmentation and levels of quality of so many of the latest skincare, make-up and haircare products are now almost unrecognisable – in a good way – from even a few years ago?


I’m a consultant with Arbonne International, a natural, vegan range of beauty and personal care products which I, and my customers, absolutely adore. Arbonne products are high quality and with regular use they can help keep your skin super healthy. The make-up range is excellent, with a very good depth of pigmentation. With their lovely hair and skincare range, a little goes a long way and they’re super easy to use.

Make-up advice doesn’t mean that I’m going to tell you what colours to wear.  We’ll decide together what suits you and how best to wear it.

How does hair, skin and make-up advice from Aeracura work?

I’ll assess your lifestyle, your current beauty regime, skin type and your natural hair colour. Let’s also have a look at how your current products are working for you.

Alongside one of my other services your consultant is free of charge, in fact a makeup lesson is included in my Colour Analysis session. Otherwise, I charge an hourly rate which is redeemable against any products that you purchase.  It really is great value for money.

My role will be to suggest new or different ways to make you look and more importantly feel really great. I’ll focus on your lifestyle, health and what you want make-up to do for you. Less is more. We don’t want you to look like a doll! However, ironically you may find that brighter or more intense shades take years off your face, or that a simple new technique makes your eyes sparkle.

Makeup for older skins?  Have you been  put off by articles you may have read?

I recognise that everyone is different and I can help you find a look that works perfectly, just for YOU!

You’re not obliged to buy new products, by the way. Your current make-up collection simply applied differently or edited a little could well bring out the new you in ways never before considered.

Time for a new you. Give me a call on 07956 311 759 to find out more. Or browse through the shop

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